Those people who own an iPhone understand how quickly this palm-sized wonder becomes indispensible. The device not only connects its user to friends and family, but it’s swiftly becoming an essential piece of work equipment as well as one of the most important sources of entertainment in our lives. No wonder iPhone users are sent into a state of panic even at the thought of losing or damaging their phones.

Although Apple offers a limited one-year warrantee on hardware, one eventuality it doesn’t cover is iPhone water damage. Ironically, water damage makes up a whopping 40% of all reported iPhone “deaths.�? Don’t even think about returning it to the genius bar, batting your lashes, and whispering, “I don’t know how it happened” either. The apple masterminds equipped every phone with what is known as liquid damage indicator strips. Cleverly placed in the earphone and charging portals, these clever little pieces of paper change color when they come in contact with any sort of moisture or high humidity. When the phone is opened for repair and the strip has turned its telltale pink shade, you can pretty much kiss your warranty good-bye. Good news for Apple, but terrible news for the chronically clumsy.

Raindrops Keep Falling on Your Head

Do you use an umbrella or hat on rainy days to protect your hair and clothing but let the drops fall on your phone? Well…stop it! Of course a single drop of rain isn’t going to destroy your iPhone, but prolonged contact will. If you’re outside and it’s raining, seek shelter before you use your phone. If you’re caught in a sudden squall, take the time to wipe and dry the phone as soon as you can. All it takes is the right amount of moisture to make its way into the jacks and the indicator will be triggered. The result? A void warranty and a well-deserved facepalm.

Skip Cocktail Hour

How many of us meet up with friends for drinks and place our phone beside us on the table like a calling card? We want to be available for emergencies or texts, do we not? How many of us, after one or two said drinks, have clumsily knocked over a beer or two in our time? If that flood of beer were to hit someone’s phone, the damage would be a lot more serious than a few drops of rain. The best tactic to avoid this disaster is to keep your phone in your purse or pocket. Turn up the ringer if you must, but simply keeping it as far away from awkwardly gesturing drunken people and tables of liquid is the best solution.

Keep Bathroom Breaks Private

Keeping your phone safe in the bathroom is an essential. Everyone knows someone who has dropped his or her phone in the toilet—don’t be that person. Keep your phone in your pocket from the moment you walk in to the bathroom to the moment you walk out. Don’t place it by the sink when you wash your hands. Don’t use it when you’re sitting down to take a “break.�? Perhaps most importantly, don’t think that it’s safe in the back pocket of your pants. This is easily the biggest cause of the notorious toilet drop. When your pants are unbuttoned and shimmied down, the shape of the pocket changes and can force the phone out of its formerly secure position. The result? A horrid, blood curdling splash that signals the damage and loss of your precious iPhone.

Don’t Sweat It

You have wondered in the past what the purpose of an iPod was when the iPhone stored all your music perfectly. The answer is simple. Most people use their iPods when they are working out, and what happens when you work out? You sweat. What is sweat? A liquid. Even if you don’t perspire like a workhorse on the treadmill, you inevitably create some sort of moisture that has the potential to cause damage. There have even been some cases of sweat beading and trickling down the earphone cords and making its way into the inner workings of the phone. It’s best to play it safe and invest in an iPod you can dedicate to the purpose of exercise. It may be an additional investment, but it’s considerably less expensive than extensive repairs or even a replacement of your iPhone.

If you find yourself the owner of a water damaged iPhone, try not to despair. It is a common occurrence, and a quick search on the Internet reveals millions of helpful tips to avoid spending money on repairs. From throwing the phone into a bag of rice for a couple of days to blowing it with a hair dryer, the amount of folk wisdom abounds. Sadly, there are just as many so-called repair experts out there as there are eccentric quick fixes. The best thing to do is to contact a specialist like the experts at Pineapple Repairs who have the knowledge and training to save you both time and money. Don’t waste time rubbing your phone with rice grains—find someone who knows what they are doing so that you can get back to texting and gaming as soon as possible.

When it comes to water and moisture damage, the best solution is to avoid it as much as possible. The key is to be aware of what causes it and take the right preventative steps. Your iPhone, much loved as it is, is a fragile piece of machinery and you need to treat it as such. Think of it like any relationship with a loved one. If you take advantage of it, it will break down and leave you crying for what you once had.


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