All Glock pistols come factory equipped with basic open sights outlined with white paint. These sights are used by aligning the front sight with the rear sight on the target. Custom sights for Glock pistols vary from enhanced versions of the standard sights to tactical laser sights. Laser sights do not replace the pistols open sights but supplement them.

Tritium Night Sights

The most basic enhancement of Glock sights is the replacement of the standard sights with Tritium night sights. These sights are treated with the luminous material Tritium, which causes the sights to glow in the dark. Tritium night sights do not require batteries and retain their luminous properties for more than ten years.

Internal Laser Sight

Internal laser sights are available for Glock pistols exclusively from Laser Max. Laser Max sights replace the guide spring of the pistol. Internal laser sights do not alter the dimensions of the pistol. However, Laser Max sights are not compatible with fourth-generation Glock pistols.

External Tactical Sights

Glock pistols have rails cut into the lower receiver that allows for tactical sights to be mounted. Many models’ external laser sights are also equipped with flashlights. There are also tactical sights available that project an infrared beam that can only be seen by night vision goggles, which are used for special operations.

How to Sight a Glock 43

Glock handguns are recognized throughout the world for accuracy and dependability. The Glock 17, was adopted as the official sidearm of the Austrian Army in 1982. Since then, Glocks have been utilized by police departments and military units in more than 50 countries, including the United States and Norway. Originally chambered for the 9 mm cartridge, Glocks are now available in .45 caliber, .40 caliber, .380, 10 mm and the .357 auto. No matter how reliable Glock 43 or well built it might be, it must be sighted in properly to attain accuracy.


1.Set up a paper target between 15 and 25 yards away from your shooting position.

2 .Put on safety glasses & a pair of ear plugs.

3. Load your Glock with five rounds of ammunition.

4. Position yourself in shooting position, with both hands on the Glock. If you have access to a bench or shooting table, place your hands on it to help steady your aim.

5. Point the pistol at the target. Hold the gun, so the front sight is positioned in the notch of the rear sight. The front sight should be centered between the back sights, so there is equal space on either side. The top of the front sight should be even with the top edges of the rear sight.

6. Aim the gun at the bottom part of the bull’s-eye on the target. Hold the sights so that the bottom edge of the bull’s-eye looks as if it is resting on the top edge of the gun sights.

7. Fire five rounds at the target; inspect the grouping of the bullets.

8. Adjust the sights as needed. If the bullet grouping is an inch or two to the left of the target’s center, move the rear sight slightly to the right. If the grouping is an inch or two to the right of the center, move the rear slightly to the left. You might need to raise the rear sight if the grouping is below the front edge of the front sight. Conversely, you might need to lower the rear sight if the grouping is above the top edge of the front sight.

9. Shoot another five-bullet grouping after you have made adjustments. Continue shooting five bullet groupings — and adjusting the sights — until your Glock 43 shoots accurately.


Glock 43 Sights options

GLOCK pistols offer you all the advantages of industrial quality manufacturing without forfeiting customization to your requirements. With the ingeniously simple design of the GLOCK pistol, you can achieve optimum results and reliability when using original GLOCK  43 options.

Rear sight
Front sight
Slide stop lever Magazine catch
Connector Trigger spring
Firing pin spring Spring cups


GLOCK rear sight

GLOCK rear sights are equipped with clear contrast inserts, enabling simple, accurate and quick target alignment. The GLOCK rear sight mounting tool is required for the easy and accurate mounting or changing of the rear sights.

Standard, fixed, four different heights available; White contrast insert for rapid aim
Point of impact position, adjustable in elevation and windage. Supplied with tool.
Tritium contrast points: in colour, illuminated at night, white in daylight
Optional, fixed, four different heights available. White contrast insert for quick aim
GLOCK rear sights are available in four heights. The standard rear sight height for GLOCK pistols in 9×19, .40, .45 G.A.P., .357 and .380 calibers is 6.5mm (0.256in.); .45 and 10mm AUTO calibers 6.9mm (0.27in.). Rear sights are also available in heights of 6.1mm (0.24in.), 6.9mm (0.27in.) and 7.3mm (0.29in.). Every change of the rear sight height will result in a shift of the predicted position of approximately 50mm (1.97in.) over 25m (27yds.) firing distance.





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