If you’re a tablet or a smartphone addict, you most likely use your gadgets to browse files over the Internet, download music and games, or send an email or an IM. Unless you are using a trusted mobile anti-virus software, your phone or tablet is now a breeding ground for malware and spyware. Viruses and other malicious software can cause great risks on your financial and personal welfare. Don’t be a victim. Here are quick tips to prevent spyware from invading your mobile gadgets:

Install a Mobile Anti-Virus Software

The first security measure that you can give your smartphone or tablet is by downloading and installing an anti-virus software. There is a plethora of anti-virus software available and are equipped in providing real-time protection for your gadgets against malicious attacks.

Build a Firewall

You don’t want unauthorized access on your files, do you? Building a firewall ensures that there is a Great Wall of China with armed sentries at every post between your files and unscrupulous malware and viruses. Look for anti-virus software that comes with firewall protection. Find extra features as well such as those that can track your portable gadget if it’s lost or, worst, stolen.

Download Wisely

If you cannot prevent yourself from downloading files via the Internet using your mobile gadgets, the least that you can do is to make sure that the files you download do not come with free viruses and spyware. Most of the time, spyware comes in the form of free downloads or add-ons such as toolbars for your mobile browsers. However, some toolbars such as Zugo aren’t spyware, and the good thing with these toolbars is that they have easy-to-follow instructions on uninstalling them in case you find them annoying.

Scan When You Can

It is not enough that you merely rely on an anti-virus software to do the protection for you. To ultimately safeguard your gadgets from attacks, make sure that your anti-virus scans all the files and applications on your gadget on a weekly or a daily basis. This way, you can make sure that your anti-virus removes and isolates any suspicious files.

Check App Permissions


Always read permissions before you download and install an app. You might say it’s a waste of time, but it will definitely be beneficial for your gadgets. Read permissions, and if you notice that an app is asking for more that it needs to, do not download it. The last thing you want is a weather app making friends with your contacts.

Do you have other tips on protecting your mobile gadgets? Share them in the comments.


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