Rooting allows one to install those apps that require SU (superuser) access. In other words, certain apps require some special permissions which are not supported out of the box. Such apps include CPU clock controlling apps, root explorer and so on. Here are the steps on how to root HTC One XV.

  1. On your computer make sure you have ADB access. Install
  2. Android SDK from here – sure you have HTC drivers installed – Make sure to uninstall HTC Sync.
  3. Download SU (super user file) from here –
  4. Create a folder where the superuser.apk and Su file is. Name it “system.”
  5. Inside system folder, make a “bin” folder and place the SU file in the bin folder
  6. Go to the folder where you extracted root folder.
  7. Open cmd in that folder (Hold Shift & Right Click to open a Command prompt from the folder location) and extract the files (superuser.apk and Su file to the root of the root folder)
  8. Type: ADB devices
  9. Type: ADB shell
  10. Type: ADB installs (locate where apk is there your computer.Example: ADB install c:/root/nameOf app.apk, then press enter).
  11. Type: ADB push su /system/xbin or try adb push su /system/xbin/su or try adb push system/xbin/su /system/xbin/su
  12.  Use the following command to add the correct permissions to the su binary on the device ADB shell chmod 6755 /system/bin/su
  13. Adb reboot

That is it – you have successfully rooted your HTC One XV smartphone. HTC Droid DNA Root procedure.


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