Apple Inc. is out with its second version of the iPad Mini, what it proudly calls it as “The iPad Mini with Retina Display” To match up the pace with its competitors, last year Apple had delved into the mini-slated version of its famous flagship iPad lineup- and had launched it at a considerably cheaper price, a bit different design and a somewhat inferior hardware. This year, Apple comes out with all the improvisations and revisions applying a ‘paradigm shift’ on its product strategy. That probably seems the reason why Apple names the new ‘Mini’ as the ‘iPad Mini with Retina Display’ rather that the ‘Mini 2’! With the iPad Mini with Retina Display, Apple seems to be pouring new wine in new bottle.

With a 7.9 inch Retina Display, a A7 processor, an improved battery life, a bi-directional oriented lightning USB cable introduced last year with the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, the new iOS 7, a stylish and elegant design an many other upgraded features, all we could say is that the iPad Mini is all set to deliver a power-packed performance to its users. Let us take a detailed look at its specifications and features.


  • 7.9” LED backlight LCD touchscreen with 1536×2048 pixel resolution and a 341ppi density.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with MIMO dual antennas and a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • A super-powered A7 64-bit 1.3GHz cyclone chipset along with the M7 motion coprocessor.
  • Separate models for 2G/3G GSM, CDMA and LTE connectivity.
  • GPS along with A-GPS for WiFi+Cellular models only.
  • PowerVR G6430 quad-core GPU along with 1GB RAM.
  • Premium Apple apps support along with iOS 7 gesture support.
  • Lightening USB port, Stereo speakers, accelerometer, compass and three-axis gyro-sensor.
  • 5MP autofocus camera along with a superior 1080p video recording at 30fps.
  • 1.2MP 720p secondary camera that supports FaceTime calls.
  • 23.8 Wh Li-Po batteries with nearly 10 hours of continuous operations.
  • 1080p TV output with Apple Digital AV Adapter (at 49$) and 1080p video or audio streaming via AirPlay.
  • Incredible Retina Display


Retina Display is just, what the iPad Mini is all about.Retina Display has generally been one of the strongest reason why tech geeks usually bank on the “I” Devices. This incredibly impressive resolution that have been baked in the iPad Mini puts a minimal effort on the eyes of users and delivers pin-sharp images and texts.

Within just a 7.9 inch screen, Apple has poured nearly 3.1 million pixels on the screen, which are nearly a million more in numbers as compared to an HDTV. With a 2048×1536 resolution, this second variant offers four times clarity as compared to its predecessor. The Retina Display ensures that users have a lavish photo and video viewing experience.


  • Sleek and Light Design

All the plethora of features worked on a heavily loaded features are offered on just a built thickness of 0.29 inch. Moreover the weight of the 7.9 inch display is also just 0.73 pounds which is as light that users can hold the device between just two fingers without any kind of noticeable effort.

  • Lightning fast A7 chipset and a powerful battery back-up.

With a 64-bit ARM v8 based architecture, Apple clubs its new A7 chipset in this new iPad Mini. The speedy processor makes your working experience with the iPad, even more better and quicker. With this fluidic interface, your gaming and other high-end graphic included applications will be more prompt and responsive. In order to support all the graphic applications, the A7 chipset also supports OpenGL ES version 3.0.


Apple has also offered an M7 motion co-processor which will constantly monitor data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. The M7 motion co-processor ensures a great experience even if you move while working on any motion-sensing apps and at a reduced battery consumption.

Even with all the heavily loaded hardware and features, Apple has ensured that it provides enough adrenaline for long hours of operation. Apple claims that the battery will offer nearly 10 hours of seamless operation with WiFi and cellular data on.

  • Ultrafast Wireless and more LTE Bands

The iPad Mini comes with a MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) technology along with two wireless antennas that delivers two times W-Fi connectivity performance. With this technology, users can download with a data rate of nearly 300 Mbps which is twice as that of its predecessors. This means that users can transfer files, photos and even movies at a much faster speed via AirDrop and can even browse the internet more quickly.

Moreover the WiFi+Cellular model of the iPad Mini is pumped up with more LTE Bands so that users can stay connected to more data networks around the world.


  • Plethora of Applications

The new iPad Mini is flooded with plethora of apps to cater to almost every of your operation that you desire for. The device sports a variety of apps like Siri, FaceTime, Mails, Keynotes, iPhoto, iMovie, Garage bands and many more. Additionally, the AppStore also offers a larger pool of applications that are very effectively functional on the 64-bit architecture.


  • FaceTime and iSight cameras.

Giving a face to your conversations, FaceTime video calls on your iPad Mini are now much better. The FaceTime HD camera sports a backside illumination sensor with bigger pixels. This ensures that all your FaceTime chats are even more brightened in case of low-illumination situations.


Similarly the 5Mp iSight camera offers you the much essential ‘sight’ to capture all your life moments. The inbuilt retina display serves as a view finder to capture the perfect shot. Moreover, every time you turn on the lens, the image signal processor in A7 makes all the adjustments giving you the required platform to capture high quality images. Moreover, the dual microphones work in synchrony managing the acoustics clearly while shooting videos.

With all these features and the latest supporting the hardware, your experience with the new iPad Mini is just going to be simply amazing. The iPad Mini is available in two different color variants of Silver and White and in different models of WiFi and Cellular data. Looking at its pricing, you may have to shell out a bit more money to get the bite of that “Apple”.


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