Panasonic is a name to follow when it comes to consumer electronics, and the company seems to reinvent its products every year and to make them better and worthy of your attention.

Panasonic has yet again brought to the CES in Las Vegas the best of the best (the Panasonic VT50 series). However, the company seems to have concentrated more on their LCD HDTV line-up this year more than ever. The company is counting on their 2012 LCD HDTV line-up to gather some fans and boost the number of sales this year and maybe even steal some costumers from the competition.

The star of the LCD HDTV line-up in 2012 seems to be the new Panasonic WT50 series of LCD TVs, coming in two brand new models to be released this Spring, which has rightfully captured a lot of attention this January at the CES.
Panasonic TC-L47WT50 and TC-L55WT50 LCD TVs

The Panasonic WT50 is the company’s flagship LCD HDTV model and includes two models: the Panasonic TC-L47WT50 coming in a 47-inch screen size and the TC-L55WT50, measuring 55 inches in screen size.

Both these two models come with Full HD 3D resolution, IPS LED LCD panel and 1920 backlight scanning to eliminate motion blur. The WT50 is made for high performance at a reasonable price and what most impressed the visitors at first glance was the design.

Panasonic has made good use of a Super-narrow metal frame and a bezel measuring only 1cm. To top it all off, there’s the Crescent Stand which looks wonderful and made the WT50 series one of the best looking LCD TVs at the show in Las Vegas. As for the features, Panasonic has also incorporated 2D-to-3D conversion with their TVs and 8-train speakers for superior audio quality.

You will also get the Smart Viera platform which turns a usual and boring LCD TV into a Smart TV. You’ll get immediate access to online services such as Netflix, Pandora or Hulu that will prevent from ever getting bored in front of your TV and there’s also a green side to the WT50 series, making these models environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, Panasonic has announced a feature that will enable compatibility with your iPhone or Android smartphone and let you transfer media wirelessly to and from your WT50 LCD TV.

Panasonic has also decided to throw a touch pad remote control into the equation, which will enable users to browse the Internet using the built-in browser using WiFi connectivity feature to connect to your home network.

Screen Size-47-inch
Model-Panasonic TC-L47WT50

Screen Size55-inch
Model-Panasonic TC-L55WT50

All in all, Panasonic has come up with an incredible LCD TV coming in a stunning design. The new Panasonic WT50 models will prove to be a great and affordable option for a new LCD TV with LED backlight in 2012 and are bound to find success once they’re released on the market in the Spring.


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