Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone line has made quite an impression at the CES 2012. However, we must not forget about the fact that the company also has other products such Blu-Ray players or HDTVs this year at the show.

Samsung’s BD-ES6000 is one of these Blu-Ray players that have made a lasting impression on its audience at the CES 2012. This one is a compact Blu-Ray player, that’s capable of Blu-Ray and HD video playback while its size is not larger than a disc.

Other impressive features of the small BD-ES6000 compact Blu-Ray player include upscaling of your video content to 1080p and support for high-definition codecs such as Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD audio.

Samsung has created a very small package for its BD-ES6000 and manages to cram in all the great features you can find in other high-end Blu-Ray players today, such as WiFi and DLNA. Users will be able to access Samsung’s Smart Hub and make use of the Samsung apps as a result and even use their iPhone or Android-enable smartphone to remote control their compact Blu-Ray player.

The Samsung BD-ES6000 also comes with the new BD Wise feature that adjusts your HDTV settings to provide the best viewing option depending on the scenario.

Samsung has also equipped the ES6000 with a Disc to Digital feature that will enable users to register their ownership of physical DVDs.

You’ll be able to see this new compact Blu-Ray player in action in a few months when Samsung will officially release it on the market.

Samsung BD-ES6000 Specs and Pricing

  • Compact 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Smart Hub
  • Wifi Built-in
  • Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD audio
  • BD-Wise
Model Price
Samsung BD-ES6000 $199.99


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