Tips for your Windows Phone. First Tip: To change the picture on the picture tile on the Home page, Tap Pictures tile, scroll to Pictures hub then hold your finger somewhere above the pics & a context menu will appear. Select ‘Change background’ & then select the pic you want to use. This changes the title & the pic is also used as the background for the Pictures hub.

Second Tip: Bootloader mode

While connected to a PC, press power + volume down to put your device in Bootloader mode.

Third Tip:

Long hold the Start button to activate voice recognition on your WP7 device.

Fourth Tip:

Traditional notification bar (signal strength, 3G, WiFi status, etc.”.) is mostly hidden by default unless something changes. Tap near the top of the screen to temporarily show all this information (for example, if you want to make sure you’re connected to WiFi before downloading an app or an update).

Fifth Tip:

To remove an app from your phone, press and hold on its icon in the app list and select uninstall. You can also rate a downloaded app for the marketplace here.

Sixth Tip:

If Internet Explorer is having trouble loading particular websites, add the apn “internet” in “mobile network” under settings.

More Windows Phone 7 Tips

1. Using the Windows Phone 7 voice controls – To use that, simply press and hold the Windows key and start talking.

2. Adding apps to the Start screen – Tap and hold and select “pin to sta.” After this, the app will appear on the home/start screen.

3. Add people to the start page – Simply find them in the contacts book and then select the pin icon. This will add them to the start page from where you speed dial whenever you want to make a quick call to them.

4. Moving your tiles around – Press and hold on the tile and then you can easily move them around to suit your needs.

5. Removing apps from the Start screen – So you don’t like a particular app, but you still want to keep it on your phone. No problem. Simply tap and hold on the tile and press the ‘no pin’ icon to remove the app from the start screen.

6. Uninstalling apps – You don’t like the app and want to get rid of it. Tap and hold on it and select uninstall.


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